About the Front End Senior Engineer position

We are looking for an outstanding Front End Senior Engineer to be responsible for the coding, innovative design and layout of our website. You will help building our web applications from concept all the way to completion from the bottom up, fashioning everything from the home page to site layout and function.

You should be able to write clean code and ensure your programs run properly. We also expect you to be passionate about building software and perform well working in a team, along with developers, engineers and web designers.

Required experiences & skills

  • At least 4 year experience in HTML/CSS/JS and related ecosystem
  • Able to produce code in high quality applying the known best practices
  • Able to translate mockups/wireframes into light responsive web interfaces
  • Able to read UML diagrams and SRS document to extract required development tasks
  • Experience with agile development
  • Experience with various design patterns
  • Experience with AngularJS 2.0 framework
  • Experience with Adobe/Corel draw suites enough to extract UI assets required for development and trivial fixes
  • Able to fill gaps in usability and UI interaction whenever it is required

You are expected to demonstrate:

  • This is a remote job so self-management, motivation are essential skills to show
  • Good communication using either written or spoken English
  • Time management and self-dependence required for remote working with minimal supervision
  • Team playing and collaboration capacity


  • Rate for this job is 25$/h
  • This job requires at least 40h/week
  • Net payment, no fees or discounts
  • Flexible working hours
  • Monthly payment